The Aspen seminars are as much of an intellectual experience as a human one: 20 to 25 French and foreign participants meet for three days to reflect collectively on a given theme.

Young European Leaders

The Young European Leaders seminar is an excellent training course for a selected audience of Europeans and non-Europeans aged 25 to 35.

Dedicated to the definition of European values, this English-speaking seminar brings together young professionals from a variety of sectors – politics, business, associations and the media – to debate the future of Europe as a common project and its place in the world to come.

From September 5th to 8th, 2019, Aspen France co-organized with Aspen Germany and in the framework of the Aspen Initiative for Europe the third edition of the Aspen Young European Leaders Seminar at the Centre des Pensières of the Fondation Mérieux in Annecy.

After the seminars in Spoleto, Italy in 2017 and Ronda, Spain in 2018, this third class, selected by Aspen France and Aspen Germany on the basis of proposals from the Aspen Institutes in Europe and composed of 26 young leaders representing 17 nationalities, worked on the theme “Europe, the Next Generation, Shared Values” under the moderation of Leigh Hafrey, senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Miguel Herrero, Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.

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Young Leaders Engagés (Committed Young Leaders)

The Young Leaders Engagés program brings together young talents detected for their strong commitment to the community. The first seminar was held in March 2019 in Annecy on the theme “Commitment in a world in disarray. ”


The Socrates seminar aims to address contemporary issues in a cross-cutting and in-depth manner.

Socrates participants – leaders from a variety of backgrounds – reflect and compare their views on a fundamental issue (“the future of capitalism”, “order and chaos: the great technological disruptions”…) by putting the notion of common good at the heart of the debate.

The first Socrates seminar in France was held in Annecy in April 2019.

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How can we manage societal disruptions to the world of work? How do we deliver ethical AI in society? How can we leverage AI to address societal challenges?

The Aspen International Partners NextGen Network, supported by Microsoft, brings together young leaders from technology, business, policy, journalism, and civil society to take up these questions and leverage the NextGen perspective on the impact of technology around the world. The Network serves as a feedback mechanism for the informed perspectives of millennials on how societies should prepare themselves to respond to new technologies and inform policy discussions at the local and international level.

The 5th workshop was held in Paris in July 2019. Read the key takeaways here.

Leaders politiques d’avenir (Future Political Leaders)

For the past ten years, the Institut Aspen France has offered the Leaders Politiques d’Avenir program to support young elected officials in the exercise of their responsibilities in the service of the general interest. Each year, the seminar welcomed twenty elected officials from different nationalities, backgrounds and sensitivities in a non-partisan spirit, around four two-day sessions (defining a political project, leading change, being responsible for one’s action, serving the common good).

Among the activities carried out, exchanges with prominent personalities (Robert Badinter, Henri de Castries, etc.), joint reflection sessions (e.g.: “What is a just society” or discussion of Machiavelli’s Prince), coaching and personal development sessions, group work and visits.

Alumni of the seminar include Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Laurent Wauquiez and Cécile Duflot.


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