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Commitment at the heart of the program. Aspen France has set up a program to detect young leaders with a high quality track record in business, politics or social issues and who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the community. This originality has become a symbol for Aspen. While many Young Leaders programs already exist, Aspen France wanted to renew this concept by launching a program that selects talented young people for whom commitment and a sense of service are the main drivers of their actions on a daily basis.

Each year, Aspen France’s Young Leaders program brings together 15 young leaders from the private sector, the public sector, academia and associations, who have distinguished themselves not only by the excellence of their career path, but also by the essential role that commitment plays in it.

A three-day meeting in Annecy and support for the laureates by Aspen France, highlights of the program. A seminar is held in Annecy, at Fondation Mérieux’s Centre des Pensières for Aspen France’s Young Leader Engagés’s laureates. A list of readings selected by the moderator is given to them beforehand to prepare the discussions. Commitment is an essential selection criterion for the participants, and is also the notion around which the exchanges and work that take place during the seminar are structured, as well as the interventions of the various high-level guests who follow one another during the weekend. This program will give the winners privileged access to the Aspen France network in order to support them in the pursuit of their commitments.

This seminar is in keeping with the Aspen tradition which, since its foundation in 1949, has aimed to “encourage openness to the world, the taking of initiative and the exercise of responsibility in the service of the common good”. The program is designed to develop a sense of commitment in participants in order to increase the chances that they will become the committed leaders of tomorrow.

In summary:

  • 15 young leaders aged 25 to 40 who have demonstrated excellence in the private or public sphere and, in the context of their professional and personal careers, leadership qualities as well as a strong commitment to serving the common good
  • 3-day seminar at Fondation Mérieux’s Centre des Pensières in Annecy
  • Exchanges, according to the Socratic model of Aspen, which allow to underline the importance of the commitment to the common good
  • Interventions by senior political and economic leaders to share their experience and commitment

The first seminar was held in March 2019 in Annecy on the theme “Commitment in a world in disarray”.

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