Visioconférence avec Ehud Olmert, Ancien Premier Ministre d’Israël

On September 10, 2020, The Aspen Institute France, in partnership with EY, had the pleasure of hosting an exceptional conversation as part of the « Zoom sur » webinar series with Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel and former Mayor of Jerusalem on the theme « The Israel-UAE Peace Agreement: A Milestone or an Illusion? »

Prime Minister Olmert shared his analysis and prognosis regarding the recent Israel-United Arab Emirates peace agreement – the ”Abraham Accord” – and its possible consequences for peace between Israel and Palestine, with neighboring Arab countries, and relations among countries in the Middle East.

Is this peace agreement a milestone in the long history of conflicts in the region or only one illusion guided by political and electoral considerations? What are the likely scenarios for the Middle East in terms of peace and stability while also accounting for extreme regional complexity ? How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting Israel and its economy, and that of the region more generally?



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