Visioconférence avec Christopher Coker

The Covid-19 health crisis has generated widespread havoc throughout our social and political systems, exposing their inner contradictions and weaknesses. From a geopolitical viewpoint, the pandemic paves the way to the insurgence of new models of governance and representation.

Prof. Coker, since the publication of his book « The Rise of the Civilization State » (Polity Press, 2019), has fueled the European debate about a new political entity -the Civilizational State- destined to replace the Nation States. According to Prof. Coker, Russia, Turkey, India and China are for  prominent examples of this new interpretation of statehood which is about to put in question the West and its liberal values.

Will the Liberal International Order succumb to the Eastern model? Are the Nation States doomed to fade away? Which are most-likely developments for France and Europe? What should be the major takeaways from the Covid-19 pandemic for the Liberal Democracies of the West? These and similar questions were addressed during the meeting.



Christopher Coker is professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He was a NATO Fellow in 1981. He has served two terms on the Council of the Royal United Services Institute. He has advised several Conservative Party think tanks including the Institute for European Defence and Strategic Studies and the Centre for Policy Studies and helped to draw up the Party’s defence platform in the 1996 European Parliamentary elections.

He is a regular lecturer at the Royal College of Defence Studies (London); the NATO Defence College (Rome); the Centre for International Security (Geneva); and the National Institute for Defence Studies (Tokyo). He has spoken at other military institutes in Western Europe, North America, Australia and South-east Asia. He is a serving member of the Washington Strategy Seminar; the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (Cambridge, MA); the Black Sea University Foundation; the Moscow School of Politics; and the LSE Cold War Studies Centre. He is a member of the Council on the 21st Century Trust. He was a visiting fellow of Goodenough College in 2003-4 and is an Associate Fellow of the Institute for the Study of the Americas (United States Programme). He is also President of the Centre for Media and Communications of a Democratic Romania.

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